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Software solutions

We offer a set of integrated and powerful softwares for you to manage your logistics operations, from planning, execution and tracking, to results review.

Apeiara Logistics Management

ALM is logistics management system with a web interface, meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world where there is internet connection. It integrates with your current and legacy systems and automate processes like address geocoding, delivery points sequencing using advanced algorithms, route creation, real time delivery reports and fleet position, while giving you total control over your operation’s planning and the necessary support like reports generation and delivery history for results review.

Apeiara Mobile Logistics

AML is a mobile application for executing delivery routes, available for iOS and Android. It integrates with ALM allowing the driver to download and execute the planned routes, providing the best route, the delivery points positions and the packages or products to be delivered. If an internet connection is available, delivery reports and driver position are sent in real time to ALM, where the route execution is monitored, allowing for more agility in problem response and driver performance tracking, making the process efficient and sustainable.

Apeiara Map Management

AMM is a web based application for changing and updating your maps, it’s very simple to use but also very powerful. Everything can be changed at your criteria, streets can be closed, created or changed, for example. This allows for the geocoding, sequencing and route generation to adapt to your needs and always use up-to-date data.

About us

We believe in a simpler and more efficient world, where waste is kept to a minimum, aiming for economic, social and environmental sustainability. Through optimization, planning, automation e adaptation we aim to achieve maximum efficiency, quality, simplicity and flexibility.








We understand that every route is unique, that’s why we’ve developed optimization algorithms for every scenario, aiming for the computable most efficient route, with current data, thus obtaining real results. Time is scarce, that’s why we automate processes to a maximum, from the geolocation of delivery points to the route execution. This doesn’t mean losing flexibility, you have total control over all aspects of the route, explore alternatives and see the results for the modifications rapidly.


Even with the best possible planning, operational problems may occur and the response time is an integral part of your service’s quality and efficiency - each second counts. That’s why you need a way to identify problems as early as possible. See all your fleet and delivery reports in real time. We know that a mobile internet connection is not always possible, but that’s not a problem; we also support offline execution of routes, receiving and sending data when a connection becomes available.


Being able to see and study historical data of all the deliveries and routes already done whenever you want, with filters and charts assisting you, is an enormous advantage. The world changes and so does the market, so you need to be quick and adapt to keep or raise your quality and efficiency. Do simulations, comparisons and high level studies; relocate resources and find the best locations for you distribution center; discover what’s needed to leverage your structure, wasting less and earning more.

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Our history

Apeiara was born in 2005 fed by the demand for a solution that allows the management of all the logistics process, with:

Simplicity: Complexity diminished efficiency. Software should help us automate processes, but without limiting us. We think that it’s not only possible, but necessary, that software be simple but powerful at the same time, with sensible and smart suggestions and the possibility to adapt to necessity;
Integration: The planning, execution, tracking and analysis are interrelated. Information from one step of the process is valuable for other steps. Software should provide integration and continuity;
Information: Obsolescence leaves us in disadvantage e deprives us of the best. Outdated data - maps, for example - causes problems and makes planning difficult;
Rentability: Seeking quality and efficiency, all resource allocation should be optimized. This way spending with fuel and fleet maintenance, for example, is diminished.

Our objective is that all of our clients be attracted by the real value we have to offer, by the optimization potential generated by our products and by our attention to their needs.


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